If you have any questions you don't see here, please call or email us.

Will the Promo Manager work in my Yahoo! Store?
Yes. The Promo Manager is designed for Yahoo! Stores. It will work with all Yahoo! Stores except for those stores using Yahoo's "Starter" Plan.

Is Promo Manager compatible with third party order managers?
Yes. The Promo Manager has been tested, and is fully compatible with the following order managers: Stone Edge, Order Motion, 4PSiteLink, Super Manager and Mail Order Manager. Don't see your order manager? Contact us and we can check compatibility for you.

Can I still use the Promo Manager if I am using a "Web Hosting" store and not the "Store Editor?"
Yes. The Promo Manager will work for stores using the store editor, as well as stores using web hosting.

Will Yahoo's coupons work with the Promo Manager?
Yahoo's coupons will continue to function as normal.

How is the installation done?
All that is needed for installation, is one RTML template which we will install for you. This template will not affect your store in any way, and you can continue to use your store in the same way.

How long does installation take?
In most cases, installation will be done in 7-10 business days.

Is there a trial period for the Promo Manager?
There is no trial period for the Promo Manager. We offer full support for life for any work we do for your store. If you decide that you are unhappy with it, you may cancel at any time without question or hassle. If you're curious as to what the administrative side looks like, please visit the screenshots page for images or watch the recording of our webinar for a walk through.

Will the Promo Manager work with carts that have over 100 items in it?

I'm not very computer savvy. Am I going to have trouble learning the system or creating my promotions?
The Promo Manager administrative system is very user friendly. Each page has a help section on the right to explain, step by step, how to use all the options and input fields. Also, we offer full support for life for any work we do for your store.

What are the "Custom Variables"? Are those new or can I use my store's pre-existing variables?
The Promo Manager gives you 5 custom variables that will allow you to create a new custom variable, where you will be able to identify specific items that you want to be identified for the purposes of the Promo Manager, like a brand name. If you already have a custom variable you would like to use, you can map one of those existing variables into these fields.

Once I create a promotion, when will the promotion become active?
Once created, your promotions will be listed as "Inactive" on your administrative summary page. With one click, you can toggle to "Active" or back to "Inactive."

Can I set multiple conditions to one promotion?
Yes, of course.

Will the Promo Manager automatically add free reward items to customers' carts?
The Promo Manager does not automatically add rewards (i.e.: free or discounted items) to the cart. Customers will need to add the reward to their cart and the Promo Manager will automatically take the discount in the cart and at checkout. Product options and certain conditions make automatic add-to-cart impossible.
We can create a limited custom addition where specific items with no options will be automatically added to a cart as a reward, but it is not a feature of the Promo Manager. If this add-on sounds like something that might interest you, please contact us for more information.